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The problem
Pap tests can prevent 90% of cervical cancers, yet only 2 in 3 Victorian women aged 20-69 were having a test every two years as recommended. Among younger women the problem was even more serious, with only 1 in 2 participating in the cervical screening program.

The approach
PapScreen received AU$1 million in government funding to create a behavioural change / social marketing campaign to address the situation. I was solely responsible for:

  • a three-way agency pitch
  • strategic planning
  • risk management planning
  • stakeholder engagement – with government, 3,000 Pap test clinics, pathology laboratories and the Pap test Registry
  • setting objectives and an evaluation framework
  • coordinating qualitative research (formative research and focus testing concepts) and quantitative evaluation (telephone survey) with behavioural researchers
  • coordinating concept development and production of 40 and 15 second TV and cinema adverts, plus radio, print and online adverts with the chosen creative agency
  • the paid media strategy and $800,000 media buy
  • a complementary AU$30,000 radio, print and PR campaign in nine community languages
  • a support program and materials for 3,000 Pap test clinics including advertising, PR support and print collateral
  • an accompanying PR campaign including media launch and sourcing five case studies

Selection of creative: 40 second TV and cinema advert

Convenience advertising

High heels convenience creativeWax convenience creative

Poster for mailout to GP surgeries across the state

Clinic poster


Selection of media coverage

The results

  • Weekly number of Pap tests taken in Victoria increased by 15%
  • Media buy achieved planned TARPs and 90% of the target audience saw the TV advert at least once
  • PR campaign generated 400+ media mentions
  • Launch event covered by all Australian TV networks and major radio stations
  • 80% increase in web traffic to over three-month campaign period
  • Several other Australian states bought the campaign, so recouping costs of campaign for organisation

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